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It's Done!

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 4:48 PM
Welllllllllllllllll.... It is out there. I am finished. I have finally done it. I just published my first book and it is on sale. All the fear, all the control issues, all of the uncertainty, I must now let go of. What an experience! I'm almost speechless. Writing my book was truly a labor of love for me and it took so much out of me. At this point, it's like, Okay. I can sell three books, three thousand books, three hundred books, or three million books, but I wrote a book! I've written so many things before, but now I actually published one! Not only did I publish a book, it is a book that contains so much pertinent information about my life and reveals some of my secrets! To me, it's the best way to start, because then you have nothing else to worry about. You have pretty much put everything and then some about you out there for the world to see and now that it's out there, it's okay! I still have some secrets, trust me. Like I say in the book, everything is not everyone's business and no one is ever going to know everything. I wrote about what I felt and what I hope could inspire and help someone else, particularly young girls coming into their own as women. After my book-reading, one young lady told me my life was her story. Wow. There wasn't a dry eye in the circle of women I stood there and listened to her testimony with. My aunt told me today that what I've written could help so many girls and that it was a story that needed to be told and a book that needed to be written. Those confirmations further let me know that this book was not only written for my God-daughter or to help my "cleanse my soul" or come to terms with issues and circumstances from my past and my present, t is a book that is necessary. And I am glad to be the vessel that has brought it forth. Damn, that makes it all worth it and then some. I will keep plowing ahead and I am far from finished. That's all for now. God bless...

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